Sports & Recreation Management Group is a full-service professional development company focused on the sporting goods industry. We are passionate about the “grassroots” of the industry and we are passionate about helping purpose driven companies become great companies.

We remove the hurdles you have in front of you so that your vision can be realized sooner. This is not only our purpose, but also our passion and that convergence is focused squarely on you achieving your goals.

Many businesses struggle with capturing their vision, establishing a coherent plan of action, and finding the right network of people to work with to accomplish their goals. Sports and Recreation is built on over 30 years’ experience in the sporting goods industry. Our team has the expertise, partnerships, industry contacts, and passion to help you achieve your goals. The list of what we can assist with is exhaustive: company structure, strategic planning, supply chain management, website development, branding, media engagement, business partner networking, intellectual property assistance and several more. We remove business constraints allowing you to realize your vision much quicker than you can accomplish on your own.

Whether you are a relatively new dealer or manufacture looking to bring your vision to life, or you are a heritage brand looking for help with a specific business constraint; our team is here for you.