For over 30 years Bryan Davis, the President of Sports & Recreation Management Group, has led dual careers in both the United States Military and the Sporting Goods Industry. Bryan is known as an innovator who leverages a wealth of expertise, business contacts, strategic thinking, and leadership skills to develop high preforming teams and to build great companies. Our team, partners, and affiliates share this depth of experience and proven record of success.

We are a boutique business development company focused squarely on the sporting goods industry. Unlike “vanilla” consulting companies who desire to create a dependency relationship with their clients, our approach is very different. Our desire is to transfer skills, knowledge, and business contacts to you, giving you the control and capability to accelerate growth. Our approach is based on collaboration and partnership.

Our boutique business model allows us to be agile and to work quickly, minimizing disruption to your business. We will never show up at your door with a team of people wielding “generic” templates to implement “standardized” solutions for your business. We understand each company is unique with its own purpose and company culture. We are going to get to know you and customize solutions for you.

We offer Business Development Services for each of our key focus areas. We understand that time is of the essence when dealing with underlying business constraints and we promise to work timely and diligently to correct the issue and improve your business. For more information on our business development services please select from the links below.

Executive Services, Marketing Services,

Business MGMT Services, I.T. Services

Our advisory programs are customized for you and are focused on strategizing and collaborating for the long-term growth & success of your business. We are in your corner for the long haul to help you accomplish the big goals. For more information on our advisory programs please select the link below.

Advisory Programs

We will help you to become Relevant, Resilient… and Relentless!
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